December 12, 2011

Client Testimonials

Your Privacy is Very Important To Me.  Due to reasons of privacy I cannot post my various notable cases, but below are a couple client testimonials that you may peruse:

CLIENT TESTIMONIALS "I was very fortunate to find Holly! I had to file Bankruptcy because of health challenges that created overwhelming medical bills. She was extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of the filing, due to her extensive background in the field.  She was very patient with my many questions and was very thorough, making sure we had covered all the bases, just in case. When I had an unusual, but not unheard of, situation with my car, she was right there to make sure everything was taken care of. Because of her knowledge and experience, she is able to secure all the details.   No one wants to file Bankruptcy, but  I can certainly say that having Holly handle my case made the experience a much more pleasant and less worrisome experience-I knew all was handled, and I could just focus on my health challenges and reorganizing my life! Thanks again Holly, for all your expert help!"  - Lois M., Los Angeles

"Last April I was forced to consider bankruptcy by an aggressive creditor. I interviewed three attorneys specializing in bankruptcy, all three were very negative about my case. I had too much income and nothing could be done about my Federal tax debt.  Fortunately, I persisted and found Holly Roark. From the beginning she projected a positive attitude and promised to research the legal details and find a way to help. She found the proper legal precedents and we proceeded with my case. She was even able to reschedule appearance dates with the Trustee when they conflicted with our schedule. In the end my bankruptcy was approved with all of my unsecured debt removed and most of my State and Federal taxes removed. I couldn't be happier with the outcome. I heartily recommend Ms Roark to anyone unfortunate enough to be considering bankruptcy." -  Paul K., Los Angeles

"Holly Roark is an excellent bankruptcy attorney. Her professionalism and attention to detail throughout the process made a very difficult time easier. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone."  - Robert G., Los Angeles

"Holly was the only lawyer we approached brave enough to file chapter 7 [as opposed to Chapter 13]; she was inspiring, charming, tireless and faultless throughout. Needless to say we won." - Andy R., Los Angeles