August 17, 2009

Choosing the right attorney for you

Everyone has different needs when it comes to choosing an attorney, from price to personal service. In my experience, clients are often better served by solo practitioners and small firms than by big firms. For one thing, solos and small firms generally do not do high volume work and therefore have more time to give you personal service. They are also more likely to offer flexible billing arrangements such as flat fee or payment plans.

Unfortunately, larger firms are often motivated by the bottom line only, adhere to that ridiculous billable hour model, and push their associates to work beyond all reasonable bounds - often demanding (without saying it out loud or directly) that they pull all-nighters. I have seen much better work by solo and small firm attorneys who bill at more reasonable rates, who provide more one-on-one service to their clients because they are able to keep their priorities straight, get the rest they need, take classes that keep them up to date on their specialties, and take on a humanly manageable work load.

I recently published an article about solo practice, which can be found here: Solo Attorneys